Chouette Pressing: looking after your delicate clothes and textiles for 30 years

Skilled cleaning and ironing for a personalised service

For more than 30 years, the founder and staff of Chouette Pressing, Chouette Retouches and Blanchisserie du Mail, passionate about their craft, have been recognised for the infinite care of the most delicate clothing, textiles and fabrics.

The businesses of «Nicole Andrey and son», Chouette Pressing, Chouette Retouches and Blanchisserie du Mail, can be found in Carouge and Geneva.

We guarantee the quality of our work and our piecework cleaning in the following fields:

  • Delicate dy cleaning
  • Washing with water
  • Cleaning of wedding and evening dresses
  • Cleaning of theatre costumes
  • Cleaning of carpets
  • Clening of curtains
  • Ironing by hand
  • Sewing

Our reputation far exceeds the boundaries of Geneva, and our customers have remained faithful to us for years. We try to do the most we can for excellent quality stain removal and ironing.

Our premises are equipped with modern machinery which respects the fabric and the environment. Stain removal and ironing are carried out by hand with craftsmanlike workmanship.

We guarantee cheerful and pructual delivery throughout Geneva. For additional information, please contact Pressing in Geneva.